With interview season underway, current students reflect back on their experiences at our interview day (Candidates’ Day).

Besides UNC, how many other pharmacy school interviews did you attend?
None – I only interviewed at UNC

How did you prepare for Candidates’ Day (or pharmacy interviews in general)?
I talked to current UNC pharmacy students to get a feel for what the interview would be like and what sort of questions to expect. I went through some general questions that I thought would be asked and practiced the responses I would give. I also practiced interviewing with a couple of different people to see what my weaknesses were and where I could improve.

What did you like about Candidates’ Day?
I enjoyed meeting all the new prospective candidates along with current students. I learned a lot about the UNC ESOP and some of the unique programs they offer. Although the interviews were stressful, I enjoyed the MMI as it allowed me to interact with different people. Candidates day was a good way to get a feel for pharmacy school and what to expect. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and were willing to answer any questions I had and give me a glimpse into the life as a pharmacy student.

How was Candidates’ Day different from other pharmacy school interviews you attended?
I only attended one pharmacy school interview at UNC so I am not very aware of other pharmacy school interviews. I do know that typically many schools do not use the MMI. That would be the biggest difference I believe; most schools use the traditional 1-3 person panel for about 30 minutes to interview the prospective student. Candidates Day uses a MMI with different scenarios and about 7 different interviewers.

What part of Candidates’ Day was most surprising/unexpected to you?
I was most surprised by all the different people I met and their various backgrounds. It was surprising how open and friendly everyone was to talk to you and help you out as needed. I thought Candidates’ Day was going to be very intense and stressful; instead, other than the interview part, Candidates’ Day was very calm and enjoyable. It was very calm and use to help settle you down so you could perform well on your interview as well as educate you more on UNC ESOP.

If you could go back and relive Candidates’ Day, what would you do differently (if anything)?
The only thing I would differently would be to interact with more people. Each person had a unique story and unique perspective to pharmacy so the more people you meet the more knowledge you get. Also, meeting more candidates would have been beneficial as it would help you build some connections with students if you were to be accepted to the program. Other then these minor changes, overall I believed I performed well at Candidates’ Day and learned a great deal of information.

What advice would you give prospective students preparing for interviews/Candidates Day?
I would advise candidates to be as friendly and outgoing as possible. Talk to everyone and start building relationships as soon as you arrive. It is also a good idea to be very friendly with your recruitment ambassador and the various faculty that are present there. Take the time to ask any questions you have, even if you feel it is a “dumb” question; chances are other candidates have the same question. Take time to prepare for your interviews but don’t stress over it; just do your best and have confidence in your self.

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