With interview season underway, current students reflect back on their experiences at our interview day (Candidates’ Day).

Besides UNC, how many other pharmacy school interviews did you attend?

How did you prepare for Candidates’ Day (or pharmacy interviews in general)?
I started by looking up potential interview questions for graduate/professional school admissions. This was super helpful in gauging the types of questions that interviewers are likely to ask – such as questions about myself, questions about my pharmacy school goals, and behavioral questions that involve some sort of scenario that I’d have to address. I took time to think of the things about myself and my experiences that I wanted to highlight during the interviews, and founds ways to draw all of them back to why I wanted to be a pharmacist.

What did you like about Candidates’ Day?
I think the MMI style is very unique, and I very much enjoyed meeting many of the faculty that would one day be professors that instructed us daily. For me, I found the MMI much less intimidating and less stressful than some of the other interviews I attended. If I didn’t feel great about my connection with the interviewer in one room or the way I’d answered the question, there were still six other impressions to be made.

How was Candidates’ Day different from other pharmacy school interviews you attended?
Aside from the MMIs, I really enjoyed the session that attempts to emulate what a day in a typical class in pharmacy school is like. Looking back now, this illustration really showed me a lot about how a typical day would be as a pharmacy student, including taking pre-class quizzes, working in groups, and comparing, discussing, and defending your answers to your peers to collectively solve problems. A lot of other interviews I attended focused solely on the administrative aspects of the admissions process, which is definitely important and an integral part of Candidate’s Day, but I think this mock class session is unique to UNC in that it looks beyond just being accepted into the program and highlights some of the key features that are special to the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.


What advice would you give prospective students preparing for interviews/Candidates Day?
I think it’s important to really reflect on why you want to be a pharmacist, and why you’d be a good fit for the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. This is helpful not only in prepping for potential interview questions, but will also keep you inspired and enthusiastic during your time on campus. I’d say that the second that Candidate’s Day begins, remember to be professional, friendly, inquisitive, humble, and excited for the duration of your time on UNC’s campus.

2 Responses to “Candidates’ Day Advice: Karin Abernathy”

  1. Maria Felicity Herrera

    I found your advice and reflection on your experience and interview during Candidates’ Day very helpful. Is there a chance you could contact me (my contact information is below) and discuss with me a few things about Candidates’ Day, the interview and UNC in general that I still have some questions about?

  2. Mimi Lewis

    Hi Maria, You’re welcome to reach out to Karin directly: her email address is karin_abernathy@unc.edu. If you have other questions about admissions, feel free to reach out to our office: pharmacy_admissions@unc.edu.


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