All about the Supplemental Application

Do you have a supplemental application?

Yes, we do.

What is on the supplemental application?

A little bit of everything. It’s mostly information that we can’t gather from the PharmCAS application:

-Demographic and background information, academic history
-Residency for tuition purposes questions (learn more about the residency process here)
-How you learned about our School and program
-Agreement to uphold the honor code and community standards and School policies
-Military information
-Campus preference (learn more about our campuses here)

Are there additional essays on the supplemental application?


Why can’t I access the supplemental application now?

When your PharmCAS application is verified and released to our School for viewing, we process your PharmCAS application. We pull information from your PharmCAS application to create your supplemental application. We can’t create a supplemental application for you until we’ve received your PharmCAS application.

Within one week of receiving your verified PharmCAS application, we’ll send you a personalized email with information about how to access and complete your supplemental application.

Is there a cost associated with the supplemental application?

Yes, $80.

How long will it take me to fill out the supplemental application?

It depends on how much information you have to fill it out and how quickly you can type, but probably not long. It will likely take you less than 30 minutes.

When is the deadline to submit the supplemental application?

The deadline to complete your PharmCAS application is December 1. As long as you’ve submitted your PharmCAS application by December 1, we will allow you until January 15 to complete your supplemental application.

Have any other questions about the supplemental application? Let us know.

Apply now – don’t wait!

The 2016-2017 PharmCAS application has now been open one month. We have a rolling admissions process, which means we’ve begun reviewing verified PharmCAS applications.

Once you complete and submit your PharmCAS application, it takes PharmCAS 4-6 weeks to verify your application. Then, PharmCAS releases your application to our School for viewing. Allow us up to one week to process your application, and then we will send you an email with instructions to begin our supplemental application.

As we get closer to the December 1 deadline, we receive more and more applications, so apply now!


Admissions lingo

When you apply to a school (whether it is an undergraduate or graduate program) you have to learn the admissions lingo to understand the process. Here are some quick definitions of words you’re going to encounter in the pharmacy application process.

PharmD: The Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) is the professional doctorate degree required to sit for the pharmacy licensure exam in order to practice as a pharmacist in the US.

Prerequisite courses (prereqs): Prerequisite courses are required to evaluate an applicant’s preparation for a PharmD program, and must be completed before enrolling in a PharmD program. Prerequisite courses must be completed at an accredited college or university with a C- or better.

Rolling admissions: We review applications on a rolling basis. As soon as an applicant submits their completed application, we start reviewing that application to determine if the applicant is competitive for an interview.

PharmCAS: The Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) is a centralized application service used to apply to  programs offered by schools and colleges of pharmacy

Supplemental application: In addition to the PharmCAS application, students applying to the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy must submit a supplemental application. After completing and submitting the PharmCAS application, applicants are emailed a link to the supplemental application. The supplemental application is short and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

PCAT: The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is the exam required for entry into pharmacy school. It covers 5 content areas: writing, critical reading, biological processes, chemical processes, and quantitative reasoning.  Each section receives a score out of 99%.

Composite: The PCAT exam is given an overall or composite score out of 99%. The composite score is based on performance in the 5 content areas.

MMI: The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is the interview method we use to assess applicants. The MMI is a series of seven interview stations consisting of timed (eight-minute) interview scenarios. Applicants rotate through the stations, each with its own interviewer and scenario, over the course of an hour. The MMI does not test knowledge but will assess characteristics and attributes which the Admissions Committee feel are important for success as a pharmacist.




Final application deadline approaching

Well, here we are – the last week to complete your application for Fall 2016 entry. The final day to submit your supplemental application is this Friday, January 15th. If you haven’t received the email instructions to submit your supplemental application, please send us an email as soon as possible: We are wrapping up our application reviews in the next few weeks, and sending out invitations for our final Candidates’ Day.

Deadline approaching

Tomorrow is December 1st, our deadline! Finish up your PharmCAS application and submit it before our deadline passes. Just a reminder, as long as you submit your PharmCAS application by December 1st, we will process your application when it is verified and send you the supplemental application link (likely after December 1). We will allow students to complete the supplemental application after December 1; as soon as your PharmCAS application is verified and you are sent the supplemental application link, please submit your supplemental application. Good luck with your application!

November updates

Happy November! A few updates for you:

  • We are getting closer to our deadline – December 1, 2015. Have you submitted your PharmCAS and supplemental applications? We recommend you submit your applications as soon as possible to be competitive. You will need to submit your PharmCAS application no later than December 1st. Since it can take several weeks for PharmCAS to verify your application, our supplemental application will remain open for you to complete after December 1st, as long as the PharmCAS application is submitted by December 1st. You must submit both applications to be considered for interviews.
  • We are preparing for our first interview day, and will be sending out invitations for our second interview day beginning this week. If you haven’t received an invitation, don’t fret. We are still reviewing lots and lots of applications!
  • For those of you who took the PCAT in November, please remember to check that Pearson releases your scores to PharmCAS, and that PharmCAS releases your scores to our School.
  • Our Spring 2016 Pharmacy Fridays and Open Houses are up! We hope that you will consider visiting our School (on either the Asheville or Chapel Hill campus) to learn more about the Program and the admissions process, and to meet with current students and admissions staff. Sign up for an event here.


October 1st

Our Priority Consideration deadline is coming up next week. To be considered for the Priority Consideration, you will need to submit both your PharmCAS application and your supplemental application by October 1st. Please remember that after you submit your PharmCAS application, it can take several weeks for PharmCAS to verify your application and release it to our School. Even if you can’t submit the supplemental application by October 1st, I recommend submitting the PharmCAS application by that date. We have a rolling admissions process, so the earlier you can submit your applications, the earlier we can review your application and invite you for an interview. We will be sending out our first batch of interview invites in mid-October. Plan accordingly, and apply early!

Priority Deadline

How is it already September?! Time is flying by in the admissions office, and the next few months are going to be busy!

We’re well underway reviewing applications, and our first deadline is just one month away. October 1st is our Priority Consideration deadline. We have a rolling admissions process, so we start reviewing applications as soon as they are complete and verified through PharmCAS. The earlier you apply, the earlier we can review your application and bring you in for an interview. If you apply before October 1st, you will be in the first batch of applications we review. To be considered for the Early Consideration deadline, you must complete and submit both your PharmCAS application and your supplemental application by October 1st. Apply now!

Apply Now

Summer is just flying by here at the School, and we hope you’re enjoying your summer, too! Just wanted to update everyone that the PharmCAS application is now open for the 2016 enrollment cycle. Hard to believe that it’s already time to start a new admissions cycle!

With a rolling admissions process, we start reviewing applications as soon as they are complete. If you’re planning to apply for the 2016 enrollment cycle, our priority deadline is October 1st, and our final deadline of December 1st. HOWEVER, I recommend you apply early. Don’t wait till the deadline! The earlier you apply, the earlier we’re able to review your application, and possibly invite you for an interview. So, now is a great time to start your application 🙂