Pharmaceutical Sciences Open House

Join UNC Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Students and other guests as we host an afternoon Open House that will take you through the many opportunities and careers in pharmaceutical sciences.  The Pharmaceutical Sciences Open House will take place on April 7 in Kerr Hall on the UNC-Chapel Hill Campus. The afternoon will provide you networking opportunities, an overview of our programs, and interactions with faculty and alumni guests.  To register and receive event information about the day, click HERE. If you have any questions, feel free to message Graduate Student Organization President Kelsey Lamb at

Pharmaceutical Sciences Open House 2017

Pharmacist: a good career move

Forbes recently ranked Pharmacist second among the ” Top 20 Jobs for Getting Ahead in 2017.” The article summarizes data gathered from a LinkedIn article which looked at the most “promising jobs in America based on the potential for career advancement, job growth and salary.” Forbes summarized:

“In second place on the list, Pharmacist makes an appearance. Pharmacists in the U.S. make an annual median wage of $123,000 and there are more than 3,300 open positions for that profession on LinkedIn, increasing 45% over last year. The job earned a career advancement score of 5 out of 10.”

Pharmacists in action

Here’s an interesting article highlighting the important role pharmacists play in health care as the drug information experts:

‘America’s other drug problem’: Giving the elderly too many prescriptions.

As our population continues to age, pharmacists will be even more important. Geriatric patients are often over medicated, which can be expensive and lead to more health problems.

“An increasing number of elderly patients nationwide are on multiple medications to treat chronic diseases, raising their chances of dangerous drug interactions and serious side effects. Often the drugs are prescribed by different specialists who don’t communicate with each other. If those patients are hospitalized, doctors making the rounds add to the list — and some of the drugs they prescribe may be unnecessary or unsuitable.”

Pharmacists can provide that final check and balance to make sure that patients are taking the appropriate drug at the correct dosage, and that the prescribed medication won’t have adverse reactions to other drugs they might be taking.

“Having a pharmacist on a team caring for older patients can reduce drug complications and hospitalizations, according to a 2013 analysis published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.”